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In order to make PianoTexas a reality in June 2021, we have placed the pandemic at the forefront in our discussions and decisions. PianoTexas is working together with TCU and the Tarrant County Health Department to develop comprehensive safety protocols during the Festival. Considering how fast restrictions continue to change, modifications will be made to ensure a safe and effective environment that is our number one priority. We all understand the challenges that you are facing in deciding your summer music plans. PianoTexas is constantly assessing if any adjustments has to be made to make our offerings a reality. While we need to stress that if directed we will have to cancel the programs in order to safeguard the safety of everyone, however, it is our enthusiastic hope the we will be able to bring back music into our lives.

Celebrating 40 Years of PianoTexas

June 3 to 30, 2021; Fort Worth, Texas

This is a profile picture of Dr. Tamás Ungár, Executive Director of PianoTexas International Academy and Festival

Welcome to PianoTexas

As Founder and Executive Director, I extend to you a warm welcome to celebrate with us the 40th Anniversary of PianoTexas International Festival & Academy.

Since 1981, our mission has been to honor the magnificence of the piano and to preserve the traditions of great piano playing. Over the years, PianoTexas has established a global reputation as the premier summer Piano Festival & Academy. It is the place to experience the universal power of classical music and the rich and fulfilling repertoire of the piano.

I cordially invite you to peruse this website and join us on an exciting journey. Clicking on "Festival" takes you to our magnificent program of performances and events, while "Academy" gives you everything you need to know about participation as a performer or auditor. 

Dr. Tamás Ungár
Founder and Executive Director

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Catch us throughout Fort Worth, spreading the joy of Piano to the communities churches, museums, rec centers and retirement homes.

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