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PianoTexas International Festival and Academy

June 5 - 30, 2024 Fort Worth, Texas


This is a profile picture of Dr. Tamás Ungár, Executive Director of PianoTexas International Academy and Festival

Welcome to 2024 PianoTexas!

Over the years, PianoTexas has established a global reputation of its kind. With a 44-year vintage, we will continue this in 2024 with a program that has all the signs of being a festival of excellence encompassing superb programs of performance and learning for Young Artists, Juniors, Teachers and Amateurs. In another word, we offer something for everyone.

For a glance of our schedule, please click here. 

Dr. Tamás Ungár
Founder and Executive Director
PianoTexas International Festival & Academy


Around the Community

Catch us throughout Fort Worth, spreading the joy of Piano to the communities churches, museums, rec centers and retirement homes.

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