Iren Pilikyan

Iren Pilikyan

Iren Pilikyan (Armenia)
Concerto: Liszt Concerto No. 1 in E-flat major, S.124

Iren Pilikyan was born on July 29, 2003. She was studying in the Central Music School of the Moscow State Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky as a pianist with a professor of the Moscow Conservatory, Honored Artist of RSFSR Alexander Mndoyants. Simultaneously and until recently Iren was studying with Honored Artist of Russia and Armenia and Professor of the Gnessin Academy Maria Gambaryan and Honored Artist of RF Boris Berezovsky. Now Iren is studying for a bachelor’s degree at the Texas Christian University School of Music in the Studio of Dr. Tamás Ungár.

Iren is a prize winner of many competitions:
2021: – Laureate of the International Neuhaus Piano Competition (Chelyabinsk, Russia) – Liechtenstein Music Academy, master classes with Prof. Claudio Martinez Mehner (Liechtenstein) – Grand Prix of the XVII International Piano Competition «Villahermosa» (Mexico)

2020: - Laureate (1 prize) of the XVI International Piano Competition «Villahermosa» (Mexico) 2019: - Participated in the concerts of the Festival New Names of Armenia - Arno Babajanyan’th International Competition-Festival for Junior and Young Pianists (Yerevan, Armenia) 1 prize, Special prize and gold medal - Laureate (1 prize) of the XV International Piano Competition «Villahermosa» (Mexico) - International Music Festival ‘Zeus’ (Grecce, Athens) Master-classes, competition (1 prize) - Tel-Hai International Piano Master-Classes (Israel, Tel Aviv) Master-classes with professors: Dmitri Bashkirov, Tamas Ungar, Emanuel Krasovsky, Tatiana Zelikman, Alexander Mndoyants, Tomer Lev, Aviram Reichert, Yaron Rosenthal, Claudio Martinez Mehner, Alon Goldstein, Victor Rosenbaum.

2018: - PianoTexas Festival (USA, TX 2018 y.) Master-classes with professors: Tamas Ungar, Vladimir Feltsman, Harold Martina, John Owings, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Dmitri Alexeev, Yoheved Kaplinsky, Emanuel Krasovsky.

2017: - Laureate of the Maria Gambaryan Festival (Ruza 05.2017 y.); - Laureate (3 prize) of the II International Junior Competition of classical music « Nota Bene!» (St.Petersburg 2017y.); - Laureate (1 prize) of the XIII International Junior Competition «Villahermosa» (Mexico 2017y.); - Grand-Prix of the International Safonov’s Competition (Pyatigorsk 2017 y.); - Grand-Prix, Laureate (1prize), Spesial Prize: the International Competition «Silver Tuning Fork» (St.Petersburg 2017 y.);

2016: - Laureate (1prize) of the International Competition «Fund Orfey» - «Magic world of art» (17.04.2016 y.); - Laureate (1 prize) International Competition «Romanticism: its origins and beyond» (23- 30.06.2016 y.);

2015: - Laureate of the Maria Gambaryan Festival (Ruza 05.2015 y.);

2014: - Scholar of the fund «New Names» (2014 y.); - Laureate II open International Children's Competition «Little Pianist» of Artobolevskaya (2014y.); - Laureate (3 prize) of the International S,Rachmaninoff Competition (Veliky Novgorod 2014 y.);

2013: - Laureate (1 prize) of the International Competition «Musica Classica» (Ruza 2013 y.); - Laureate (1 prize) of the International K.N.Igumnov Competition (Lipetsk 2013 y.); - Laureate (1 prize) of the Open Technical L.Vlasenko Competition (2013 y.);

2012: - Laureate of the XIII (2011y.) and XIV (2012 y.) open L.Vlasenko Competition; - Laureate of the VI open E.Grieg Festival (2012 y.); - Laureateof the I open children's Competition «Little Pianist» of Artobolevskaya (2012 y); - Diploma of International J.Flier Competition (2012 y.);

2011: - Laureate of the International A.Babajanyan Competition (2011 y.)