Utako Tanigawa

Utako Tanigawa

Amateurs Program

Country: United States
Occupation: Information Systems Advisor, Georgia Musicale Group Founder, President
Concerto: Mozart Concerto No. 21 in C major, KV 467 (II. Andante – III. Allegro vivace assai)

After ten years of owning a school and a restaurant, Dr. Tanigawa decided to have one-year break from work to study new fields. Because she received multiple scholarships and enjoyed being in America, she earned several more degrees including Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Systems, and post doctorate study in Management Science and Engineering in Stanford University. Dr. Tanigawa luckily had great opportunities to work in executive positions in global corporations for more than three decades.

Dr. Tanigawa had a life-threatening illness about ten years ago. Although it severely damaged her body, her love of music returned and provided a tangible lifeline. Today music continues to play a key soothing and healing role. As a part of therapy, she started applying amateur competitions. She is honored to be selected as a finalist and to have been awarded best performer awards in several competitions. In 2021, she received the First Prize at World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri Piano Competition and Second Prize at Aloha International Music Competition.

After moving to Georgia, Dr. Tanigawa created a non-profit organization, Georgia Musicale Group(GMG) in 2016 to share the joy of classical music with others.