Wanwan Yang

Wanwan Yang

As a young pianist, Wanwan Yang has been praised for her ability to obtain both delicate sentimental and fiery passion in her playing. Her music led her to appear at Harris Hall in Aspen CO; Studzinski Hall in Bowdoin ME; Friedberg and Griswold Hall in Peabody Institute; Finney Chapel and Warner Concert Hall in Oberlin Conservatory; Concert Halls in China Conservatory; Tianjin Conservatory and other performance venues across the world. 

She received awards from West Lake Competition in 2015 and Bimfa Concerto Competition in 2019. She’s also the Traux Darlington Fund Scholarship recipient during her study in Peabody Institute. 

Throughout her study career, Wanwan has been admitted to prestigious pianists' studios, including Prof. Matti Raekallio; Prof. Angela Cheng; Prof. Boris Slutsky when she pursued her BM at Oberlin College and MM at Peabody Institute. She worked with Prof. Hung-Kuan Chen at Aspen Music School in 2018 and Prof. Ran Dank at Bowdoin Music Festival in 2019. She also appears in Mr. Paul Badura-Skoda and Mr. Jerome Lowernthal's masterclasses.

As both pianist and organist, she is deeply interested in historical instruments and how they reflect the way of modern piano playing. In 2018, she designed an all-fugue recital: "Eternal Fugues", through playing on a baroque organ and a modern Steinway, to show how fugue as a composing technique transformed from the past to now.  

Besides music, she devoted her leisure time to Chinese literature and poetry; eastern and western art history; philosophy, within those fields she often finds connections in parallel with classical music. 

She’s currently serving as fellowship TA and pursuing her D.M.A. study with Dr. Eric Zuber in Michigan State University.